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 Заголовок сообщения: Обновлён Free SDK.
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Обновлённый CryEngine 3 SDK

Сегодня мы выпускаем последнюю версию бесплатного CryENGINE 3 SDK. Последний билд 2572 вносит множество обновлений и дополнений, которые помогут вам создавать великолепные проекты! Это полное обновление пакета и заменяет существующуй билд 2456.
Примечание: 32-разрядная версия SandBox / Launcher не могут работать с последними версиями графических драйверов NVidia . Приносим свои извинения за эту проблему и рекомендуем использовать 64-разрядные редактор и Launcher, если это возможно. Если Вы все еще ​​хотите использовать 32-разрядные исполняемые файлы, вы можете скачать совместимые драйвера версии 275,33 для 32-битной Windows Vista / 7 - здесь.
CryENGINE 3 Free SDK – Build 2572 Changelog
Added ability to save levels to Projects for use with CryDev Projects Database
Added redundancy for logoff to prevent “Account Locked” errors
Added more flexibility to login username/password allowed characters
Added ability for any CryDev user to load any level within the Launcher
Added support for building GameDLL using Visual C++ Express
Added ability for player to switch seats in some vehicles
Added Time:FrameDelay flownode to delay actions for just one frame
Fixed several login and logoff crashes
Fixed crash when creating new levels
Fixed rare crash when deleting an Animation Graph Editor view, along with several other fixes and adjustments to Animation Graph Editor
Fixed rare crash if sound system is disabled
Fixed several warnings/issues specific to 64-bit
Fixed issue relating to mouse and screen resolution in Launcher
Fixed issue where AI wouldn’t enter vehicles
Fixed issue with Material Editor jumping to different materials against users input
Fixed issue with road tool not aligning correctly with edited terrain
Fixed “Frozen” material layer
Fixed HMMWV not loading in Vehicle Editor
Fixed issue with water volume material not displaying water ripples
Fixed a few misplaced objects in the Forest sample level
Made several adjustments to particle system
Made several fixes made to AI system
Made several changes to weapon firemodes and other weapon tweaks
Improved CryTif support (64-bit and newer versions of Photoshop)
Adjustments made to Flowgraph editor
Adjusted warning box on Sandbox startup related to NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate error, users can now ignore this warning or have the registry adjusted to fix
Fixed TimeofDayTrigger and looping ToD not working correctly
Fix for 16-bit float image always generate DXT5 instead of DXT1
Adjusted spawnpoint arrow/icon
Fixed issue with overlapping water volumes
Many fixes/improvements to Maya exporter
Several updates to Abrams Tank & MH60 Blackhawk sample vehicles
Adjusted motionBlur settings to provide nicer results
Added several new asset additions to the Forest sample level, including things like water droplet sounds, sounds for falling debris, etc
Made several beautification updates to Forest level including new textures, additional objects, new materials, etc
Updated rock assets for improved collision
Added rooster boid with animations
Updated turtle boid animations
Added LODs for several assets, chimneys, railroad tracks, drains, etc
Improved several particle effects, including bullet/water impact
Added 3ds Max files for railroad tracks
Added new low detail texture for terrain
Added several new destroyable props and replaced lamp post and power poles in Forst with destroyable versions
Added new outdoor toilet asset for Forest
Added pickup, pick and throw animations
Made several adjustments to the Asset Browser
Fixed: Potential crash if no filename is specified for a static vehicle part. Added proper warnings with references to the part and vehicle causing the problem
Fixed crash on closing Vehicle Editor when the HMMWW is loaded
Destroyable object pieces no longer always sink in water ("kwater" prop was applied even when unset)

Also we wanted to point out that this next build is based off the 3.3.7 version of CryENGINE 3, while the first release was based on 3.3.5. Here are the changes that were added in from 3.3.6. Please note that there may be some changes that are not relevant to the Free SDK:

3.3.6 Engine Build Changes

Renderer and 3d Engine
Fix: Render error when using the check-box \"Use Terrain Color\" for vegetation
Added: High resolution screenshot support
Fix: Flickering shadows throughout level
Fix: Issues with material reloading in engine
Fix: ATI specific ocean surface aliasing artifact
Fix: Water dripples
Fix: Max particle pixel fill now clamped to proper screen size – moved m_Wdith / m_Height members to SParticleRenderContext.
Fix: Small particle bug with animated textures
Fix: Particle incorrect positioning with MoveRelEmitter on initial emission
Fix: Particle sound durations: one-shots now always play to completion. Pulsed emitters don't kill sounds early
Fix: Restored ability of invisible particles to spawn 2nd-gen visible particles, fixing semantics of IsActive.
Fix: Simplified ParticleEmitter.GetMaterial, removed unneeded ParticleEffect.FirstActive.
Fix: Allow serialization/pasting of particle effects without version number; pasting only renames effects with no previous name

Fix: Potential crash with CryString.swap()

Fix: Scale on cloth entities
Improve simulation parameters for the rope object
Fix: Allow scale on ePT_Fixed constraints mode
Fix: Issues with non-colliding (thickness 0) cloth
Fix: Some issues with precomputed rope collider parts

Fix: Wrong position of the Sound Listener in the Sandbox Editor when not in-game
Added: Additional information about which sound event was not found
Removed obsolete CVars: pl_FootstepSoundsNormalized and pl_AnimationTriggeredFootstepSounds
Fix: Not able to play sound events properly

Improved: car maneuvering
Fix: Allow vehicles regenerate paths on the way
Renamed CPipeUser::m_IsSteering to CPipeUser::IsSteeringAroundObstacle to prevent confusion when reverse-engineering vehicle maneuvering code
Added: Possibility to switch AI Debug Renders at runtime
Replaced: "typedef unsigned tNavCapMask;" with "typedef uint32 tNavCapMask;"
Fix: Network AI Debug Draw: Switch from type size_t to uint32
Fix: Network AI Debug Draw: Add support for big endian
Fix: Don't use Network AI Debug Draw on Dedicated Servers in Release
Fix: Comment out deprecated CScriptBind_AI::GetGroupTarget and CScriptBind_AI::GetGroupTargetCount
Fix: Stop using unsupported goalop "usecover"
Removed: Unused AI perception variables
Fix: AI Actor should be handled as remote client
Fix: AI vehicle turret guys not always shooting you after a cp load, due to their vehicle not being correctly ignored for their sight tests
Fix: AI Debug Draw
Fix: AI Debug Renderer not showing in the Editor before the game start
Fix: Issue moving backwards in COPTrace::ExecuteManeuver
Fix: After a checkpoint reload enemies would stop tracking their target much quicker than what they should
Fix: An helicopter patrolling can have the improper AI
Fix: PlayerSensor and WeaponSensor to work if input entity changes during runtime
Fix: Crash in CTacticalPointSystem::BoolPropertyInternal
Fix: Cover surface message error when the bai file is not present. It explicitly says the file should maybe be regenerated if needed.
Fix: FlowNode to calculate screen position out of entity position
Fix: Improve AI debug draw goal pipe display: now shows all active goal ops rather than just the last executed one each goal op can do custom text
Fix: InsertSubPipe can re-execute completed GoalOp upon return
Fix: ScriptBind Add constants "InsideRange" and "OutsideRange"
Fix: Console spam CGoalPipe::PushGoal - Attempting to push goalop "usecover"
Fix: Goalop COPWait
Fix: Serialization of goalop "timeout"
Fix: CGoalPipe::PeekPopGoalResult()
Fix: Goalop Wait (even XML) should always be blocking and grouped
Fix: Potential crash in DelayedPipeSelection::DelayedPipeSelection
Fix: DelayedPipeSelection::DelayedPipeSelection

Entity System
Improved: es_DrawProximityTriggers indicates enabled/disabled and entered/exited
Fix: Entity:EntityInfo low-node can check if an entity is also an AI object
Fix: Translucency problem with es_DrawProximityTriggers

CryAction and GameDll
Fix: Weapon State driven serialization
Improved: Some cosmetic changes about pAIVisualDebugRenderer in CCryAction::ConnectCmd and CCryAction::DisconnectCmd
Fix: Improve FlowActorSensor Node
Added: function to get ZoomModeName to IWeapon
Added: UIManager (singleton access to all game code relevant UI classes)
Fix: Change HUD UIAction to use FlowActorSensor node
Fix: Change HUD to display proper death message (don't show in spectator mode)
Added: Minimap Nodes to FlowMinimapNodes
Added: OnZoomChanged callback to IWeaponListener
Added: WeaponSensorNode
Fix: AIActions also prompt if it has unsaved changes
Added: Display of custom picture on level load
Added: New flownode to help setting mc's in screen space (0-1)
Fix: Disallow pause in MP
Fix: UI FlowNodes to flush all events that are used in UIAction FlowGraphs that are on the event stack
Fix: gfx_reload_all command
Fix: AI Actors not using player prediction code
Fix: Crash in FlowActorSensor Node
Fix: FlowWeaponSensor Node to receive correct name for zoom mode
Fix: Potential crash on opening a Flowgraph
Fix: Unregister FlowWeaponSensor from IItemSystem on unload level
Fix: UIActionEvents if no level xml exists
Fix: Picking up breakage pieces
Fix: Client can't reload in a MP session
Fix: Wrong first person muzzle flash effect
Fix: Unsafe way to flush UI events in FG
Fix: LocalPlayer Node does not trigger output if local player id changes
Fix: HUD UIAction for MP
Fix: Client not visible on Server after first spawn
Fix: Client health above 100 after first spawn
Fix: Health value returned from FlowActorNode to be int rather then float
Fix: Crash in CanPerformPickUp
Fix: Network hot fixes
Fix: Disable Layer activation in MP
Fix: Call IGame:Shutdown even if "ExitOnQuit" is set to 1

Updated: DestroyableObject
Added: DeadBody entity properties not available in Sandbox
Fix: Foley and footstep system tweak
Fix: Add character sounds to Grunt_x
Improved: Weapons: Binoculars, RocketLauncher
Updated: Game/Scripts/AI/Coordination/Coordination.lua
Fix: Changes default model of Door entity to be a door rather than a sphere

Sandbox Editor
Refactored: the file change notification system, now it also reports the change type and skips duplicate notifications
Removed: "Browse for Layer Texture", it is no longer supported
Fix: Change FileChangeMonitor to use 32bit tick count
Fix: Add context menu to all objects in editor view-port. Following items are added: "Show in Asset Browser" and "Properties".
Removed: Unused UI elements from asset browser
Added: New system to handle files that are not linked to the level
Improved: Solid system reliability by excluding invalid data before updating a rendering data
Removed: 'Use Custom Terrain size' check-box from the "Create new level" dialog
Removed: "X" button does not function correctly in the Asset Browser
Fix: Several leak within the file change monitor, added also clear() to MTQueue
Fix: resize of the PropertiesPanel
Fix: Cloud sync in LiveCreate
Fix: Console hot update for CGFs
Fix: Crash when sandbox is open with material editor
Fix: Invalidate a HyperGraphNode without changing the "modification" state
Fix: Potential crash bug when updating solid brush
Fix: Crash bug happening when hiding and undoing a solid box.
Fix: Crash while setting material in Updating Mesh with Solids Editor
Fix: MaterialEditor layout problem on SwitchingUI twice (The actual controls were destroyed but never recreated)
Added: keyboard shortcuts for particle item Enable and Enable All
Fix: Spline tool-tips now show values with 3 rather than 2 digits precision, accurate for 8-bit quantization
Fix: Bug about surface type drop-down menu so as for the list to have all surface items in Particle Editor
Fix: Saving library creates useless Libs/ folder in root dir

3ds Max Exporter
Added: MaxScript interface to exporter log
Fix: Overwrite message boxes disabled when called from MaxScript
Fix: set_bone_list setting node list actually
Fix: Crash after Reseting a scene
Fix: Animation - Subrange window doesn't stay open when you move away from the utilities tab
Fix: Animation - Subrange window being unable to be resized makes it difficult to work with large names
Fix: CrySkin crashes max if copy/pasted to another object
Fix: NamedRanges dialog not wrapped into CNamedRangesDialog
Fix: Bone selection was always reset when you click on the bone in the bone list
Fix: Some of the text labels in CrySkin were wrong because of the conflicting string resource identifiers. MaxCryExport resource IDs are bumped by 2000




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Классная вещь! Нормально работает, в отличии от первого выпуска. Вид от третьего лица есть, в транспорте всё правильно от первого лица, а не затылок перса, места переключаются хорошо, кроме катера (косяк!!!), они вообще не переключаются)

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Больше всего меня раздражает необходимость постоянно логиниться, даже чтобы запустить лаунчер, так мало этого, они ещё и проект привязали к логину...


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Как экспортировать из 3DS max в Cryengine Free SDK ???

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Примерно так-же, как и в СБ 2.
И не стоит обсуждать этот вопрос в данной теме. Для этого существует специальный раздел, вот в нём создай пожалуйста тему с этим вопросом, а здесь раздел новостей и тема с обсуждением состава бесплатного СДК.


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А кто нибуть проверял данные драйвера с CryEngine 3? Действительно ли все работает на 32 битных системах?

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Я без драйверов ставил, всё работает.

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