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 Заголовок сообщения: CryENGINE ® 3.4.4 “Winter Edition”
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CryENGINE ® 3.4.4 “Winter Edition”

Новая версия бесплатного CryENGINE ® 3 SDK от Crytek включает в себя зимнюю версию многих активов, а также зимнюю демонстрационную локацию Forest.
Основные обновления сделаны в плане настройки зимней погоды, снега, льда, замороженных материалов, а так-же улучшена производительность.
Ещё пользователи получат новые модели зимней тематики - это снеговики, гирлянды, текстуры и декоративный гном под названием "gnomad".
www.youtube.com Видео от : www.youtube.com
• PlayerRotation WriteLockCond
• Selecting objects behind a frozen Group is buggy
• Fixed crash when HMMWV blows up
• Problem with cylinder-box unprojection with certain alignments
• Fixed particles orientation
• Potential crash if SmartObjectManager is already deleted (VehicleSeatActionWeapons)
• Misc fixes: printf errors, divide by 0
• Fixed bitmask overflows
• Fixed Save Game Warning
• CryLight skin: Menu check marks do not show
• Crash on levelreload if Model3DHud was still active
• UI: Don't block input if element is fading
• Fixed crash on exit by preventing duplicate D3DSurface frees. Fixed a couple of other on-exit errors
• Incorrect lod choosing for multi-mesh static objects
• Fixed and greatly improved particle target motion: no longer applies velocity twice; target orbit fraction computed from particle start age; radial motion properly separated from orbital motion; faster average radius for angular velocity computation
• MaxCryExport: disabling skin/skel extensions, integrated solution configurations for Max2013
• ShapeDeformations not existing were causing a crash on loading an object with morphs
• Always reset empty and alloc chunks if we remove the last one in FixedAllocator
• Fixed invalid packet structure when there are no joints
• Fixed bug with Material Editor and TOD dialog being resizable to almost nothing, minimum now 400x300
• Fixed physics debug draw checkbox in rendering panel not enabling
• EntityObject now sets correct world-space SRendParams.fDistance (using BB radius for size)
• Qhull 64bit issue
• Decals on characters (changed decal bbox debug color to red, proper decal spawning on skinned attachments, cleaned up CreateDecalsOnInstance code)
• Box-cylinder unprojection issue
• Much better precision on MoveRelative feature, prevents particle drift
• Force state change to FallAndPlay when an actor falls
• Dedicated Server support for custom GameDLL names (would crash otherwise)
• Adding entityClass name to the NavigationAreaObject (It also appears as type in the list of the objets available in the level)
• Fixed Normalize-0 error for vertical camera angles
• If gamerules don't exist default to DeathMatch
• Wrong cloning of LogicOnce nodes
• Fixed rocketlauncher not spawning impact decal material. Commented out decal/pfx code in ammo scripts
• The sphere physics primitive is now correctly voxelized. Added support for the capsule voxelization
• Wrong deallocation if it is the last chunk in FixedAllocator
• BST Editor wouldn't reload properly due to missing registration
• Potential crash if the SmartObjectManager doesn't exist anymore (VehicleDamageBehaviorBurn)
• Wrong use of decal texture on Mine Entity (deprecated feature)
• Cylinder-cylinder contact normal issue
• Wrongly setting entity slot when setting the particle emitter (breaks spawning at random render geometry locations if particle emitter is not linked to another entity)
• Pain sounds not working with new localization system
• Cheat protected sound CVars error
• Don't fill UI stack on disabled and invalid UI actions
• Sanity check in UIActions

• Particle stats gathering optimisation and consolidation, 200 lines less code. No longer allocate stats in CParticleEffect; collect dynamically in map
• Removed some obsolete negative-age particle code
• Brush object no collision switching
• Accurate frustum culling for particles, 60% more particles culled than cone culling, approx same speed
• Change the default Editor helpers icon size from 1 -> 0.5
• Removed complex XML cache in CParticleEffect; now load all effects in lib, and delete unused on level start, saves even more memory
• Small buoyancy tweaks for rigid entities

• Disabled force feedback in system.cfg, not needed during development
• Removed wrong assert in CreateSound
• Refactored stereoscopic window to fit properly in the rollupbar
• Increased default min fall angle to 70 degrees
• Removed disabling of geometry instancing in system cfg
• Added warning for levels with spaces in name. Added warning for heightmaps larger than 4096. Fixed fault with tools configuration dialog cutting off text
• Default LAN port is now 64090
• Move change texture sector resolution button from Terrain texture painter to Import/Export terrain texture dialog
• Lowered min aniso filter to 4, added min aniso 8 to sys_spec 4, added max aniso 16 to all spec
• Updated Splashscreen
• Unique names for prefabs based on the library name and not the typename only
• Tweaked Texture Generation Tool to give cleaner, less cluttered interface. High quality checked by default

New Feature
• Glowpass: Add Tessellation support
• Added option to render params FG that entities in slot 0 can be rendered nearest
• Deferred snow entity (with deferred snow blending and snow fall effects)
• Added menu entry to character editor for reloading the animation list manually if desired
• Vehicles now respond to friction of surface
• Persistent debug draw of OBB's and AABB's
• Added particle fill stat and sort mode to PerfHud ParticleWidget
• Added plane restrictions to character ropes
• Bending support for entities and brushes
• Define lobby port from command line for multiple server instances
• New snowfall texture sheet for snow entities and falling snow
• Ropes aren't assigned to a category
• Material Editor: Reset material to read-only defaults
• Refactored and generalised particle emission offsets, replacing PosRandomOffset scalar with Roundness fraction. Can now spawn in line, rect, box, ellipse, capsule, ellipsoid shapes
• Added bEmitOffsetDir option
• Mousewheel supported for scaleform
• Added flownode to launch projectiles in the world
• Changed flownode to check for whitespaces
• Screen-space displacement for snow + sprite/particle based snow fall
• Added the new sdk_player to the lua to use him as a player chr.
• Added RainDropSpeed variable and fucntion to rain entity and exposed said function to flow graph


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